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Team and ethics

A company can only be run if it meets the customers' expectations.” Leading means: serving in life, tickling out life in every human being und arising someone's interests“(Anselm Grün, excerpt from Green Pages No.71). The following three principles are characterizing our company and team and they are very essential for us:


Justice is the basic principle for our partnership. The term justice refers to a condition of social cooperation. It involves a fair-minded balance of interests and distribution of goods and opportunities. Justice towards our customers and towards forwarding companies aims at respecting each other and cooperates co-ordinately.


The fundamental potential of our work is our vision. It always has the right view for our work. Vision in the business of forwarding has to do with how things are virtually looked at.  We see things how they look like. We see the customers and understand them. We recognize what they need and what is good for them. Vision is beyond the moment. It always has the right drive for the future and for a sustainable and long-term relationship. Only corporate decisions lead to the success of a company and only the success of the company offers assets for investments and innovations.  In this way workplaces are secured and new ones are created.

A far-sighted logistics and a thoroughly logical thinking enables us to differentiate between visions which are right and wrong and supports us to find the right resources for the right vision.


A good relationship and mutual trust can only be built up if both are straight-forward and listen to each other. Our „one solution logistics“- team communicates daily with different people and international customers in every language.

Honesty and directness has to do with courage. Failures are also a part of life and we learn from them. Courage enables us to achieve our goals and hang in there. It also enables us to succeed in overcoming difficulties and to cope with challenges. Straight-forwardness enables us to achieve our customer's satisfaction and finally our goals.

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